Jones and Sons Plumbing, Inc.,

Our hourly rate is among the lowest in the area!


How and what we charge.

Jones and Sons Plumbing takes pride in our ability to charge less than other competitors. Small company, less overhead, lower prices. We are a state licensed plumbing company. We are completely insured. Here are some questions and answers that are common when picking a plumber.

Q: What is the difference between "hourly rate" and "flat rate" ?

A: Hourly rate is charged by the hour. The time starts when we arrive at your door. Materials are charged for separately. So, if we change a flapper, in the toilet, we would charge for time and the flapper. We're going to check all the toilets in the house. Discounts come in the way of coupons and past customer history.

Q: Does Jones and Sons ever charge a flat rate?

A: We quote rates over the phone. For instance, replacing a water heater is often "quoted".  We charge according to the location and size of the heater. Stoppages can be quoted over the phone. In most cases, you know what the price is before we get to your home.

Q: Is it important for a plumbing company to be insured and licensed?

A: Yes

Q: Why does the cost of running a plumbing company affect the price that I pay for their service?

A: Yes

Q: What does Jones and Sons Plumbing, Inc., located in Safety Harbor Florida (727-799-0287), serving Pinellas and surrounding areas, fix?

A: water heaters, faucets, sinks, toilets, tubs, sewers, water services, laundry tubs, sprinkler timers, sprinkler heads, sprinkler systems, water conditioners, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water fountains, water filters and much, much more. If water touches it, we fix it.

Q: How long has the Jones family been plumbing in the Tampa Bay area?

A: Since the late 50's.

Q: What kind of car does the owner drive?

A: A 1999 Ford Explorer.

Q: Does that matter?

A: At least he's not trying to pay off an exotic sports car.

Q: Are you kidding me?

A: Hey, its true!

Q: What other things might add to my cost?

A: The BIG add in the phone book! That add cost about $35,000 to $500.000 a year. Who do you think pays for that?

Q: ME?


Q: SO?

A: Call Jones & Sons Plumbing for the services you need. We will save you money.

YOU: I WILL!     

Call 727-799-0287 for all your plumbing needs.

Jones and Sons Plumbing also installs and services lawn sprinkler systems. We can troubleshoot wiring problems to sprinkler timers, adjust and replace sprinkler heads, adjust heads to growing landscapes or simply design and install your lawn sprinkler system. You dont have to call a different company. Use a company that you've grown to trust. And remember, small company, lower overhead, lower prices.

We accept all major credit cards.