Jones and Sons Plumbing, Inc.,

Employment Opportunities

Jones & Sons is always looking for potential employees. We continue to create opportunities for determined, hard working people. We have openings for plumbers, lawn sprinkler installers and techs, water conditioning installers and techs and office personnel. If you are interested in any of the above positions, send a resume to us.

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What we're looking for:

We are looking to put an experienced plumber in a truck before the new year! - 

Plumbing Technician 

The position of plumbing technician is an important one with our company. The plumbing technician is our human link with the customer who has retained our plumbing services. This is a vital link in terms of revenue, reputation and success. Anyone performing in this capacity must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills in order to effectively communicate with the client as well as the office. 

Specific Job Requirements 

• Ability to perform all plumbing repairs and replacements to code 
• Ability to solder and perform necessary electrical work associated with the plumbing project the client requires 
• Must be capable of troubleshooting, diagnosing and explaining all problems and options to the client 
• Must be capable of performing a thorough and accurate plumbing inspection and communicating findings to the client 
• Ability to complete paperwork legibly and in an understandable manner 
• Ability to perform calculations necessary for plumbing work as well as calculations necessary for invoicing purposes 
• Must be comfortable asking for payment and collecting money 
• Must comply with all safety standards and processes 
• Must be able to climb ladders and work in close spaces 
• Must know and adhere to all state plumbing codes 
• Ability to communicate the benefits of our club memberships to the client 
• Must meet all standards such as callback ratio, average ticket, productivity, club membership conversion, accurate StraightForward Pricing calculations, etc. 

Other Job Requirements 

• Ability to read a map 
• Must present a professional image by arriving on time, wearing company uniforms, and being neat, and well groomed. 
• Must have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license 
• Must have the ability to communicate with all clients and in particular, have the ability to work with women 
• Ability to supervise apprentices 
• Must respect and protect client’s home by wearing shoe covers 
• Must keep truck clean, stocked and accurately inventoried 
• Must be willing to continue training for personal growth as well as participating in the training of new employees