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About Us

Jones and Sons Plumbing was started in 1973 by James G. Jones, in Clearwater Florida. His father, Al Jones, had his own company, also located in Clearwater. Al's company was named Jones and Son Plumbing. Al had been servicing the Clearwater (Pinellas county) area since the 1950s. During that time, James worked on and off for Al until he decided it was time to venture off on his own.

 In 1973 James formed Jones and Sons Plumbing. The "Sons" was in reference to two sons, James Jr. and Jeff. Jones and Sons started off mainly installing the plumbing under new mobile homes in the Pinellas county area. During the 70's and 80's, this was a booming business. Thousands of mobile homes were being purchased and constructed in the area. Jones and Sons also performed other types of services. In the early 80's, they started to install lawn sprinkler systems on the same homes that they installed the plumbing on. They became a more versitile company offering more services.

In the late 80's, the mobile home industry was starting to slow down a bit. Most of the land in  the Pinellas county area was starting to fill up. Jones and Sons was performing other types of services, such as replacing water heaters, faucets, toilets, performing small residential remodels, lawn sprinkler systems and installing water conditioning equipment. Basically, if water touched it, they installed or serviced it.

In the 90's, Jones and Sons continued to service the west central section of Florida. Services expanded into surrounding counties and, for a short time, the panhandle section of the state. During most of the 90's, they were involved in a project that replaced a defective water pipe in homes all over the state. Jones and Sons continued to diversify their services and keep up with the latest trends in plumbing, lawn spinkler systems and water conditioning products. James Jr. and Jeff were taking on greater roles in the running of the company. James Jr. was heading the service, remodel and water conditioning division while Jeff was in charge of new construction and lawn sprinkler systems.

The turn of the century saw a small down sizing of the company and a concentration on a smaller area to perform services. Qualified help was thinning out and younger individuals were shying away from the trades as an occupation. Jones and Sons continued to service Pinellas county and surrounding areas with well trained people. They celabrated their 35th year in business in 2008.

After 2008, a lot of companies fell to the downward turn in the economy. Many plumbers

left the area for busier places. Jones and Sons, however, continued to build its customer

base with great service at a reasonable price. At a time when a lot of companies were

being much more aggressive in their pricing, Jones and Sons understood the careful

spending of new and current customers. People appreciated that and have been our

customers since.

From 2010 to current, Jones and Sons Plumbing continues to make their customers happy. They still deal with a shortage in experienced plumbers, but refuse to put inexperienced people in the field at the cost of people, who showed enough confidence, to call them.

No big "yellow page" adds for Jones and Sons. That drives up the cost of doing business. They didn't need it. "Word of mouth" works fine!


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